The Knights Templar Crusade Hand Painted Themed Chess Set
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The Knights Templar Crusade Hand Painted Themed Chess Set

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The knights templar chess set is a beautiful hand made Italian product that brilliantly depicts the Crusades historical theme.

Crafted from resin and hand-painted.
Intricately detailed pieces.
Exquisitely sculpted resin board.
Stunning historical designs.
Complete chess playing package.


A completely unique historical chess set from the Italian craftsmen.
Among the most fascinating and captivating periods in history is that of the many crusades in the Holy Land of the Middle East. During this long and brutal time, a secretive and enigmatic order of holy knights was born – The Knights Templar. One of the longest-surviving secret orders of all time, The Knights Templar were formed to protect Christian pilgrims who made the holy journey to Jerusalem. They are also rumoured to have located and retrieved the Holy Grail – the fabled cup that held the blood of Christ.

The enormously skilled chess craftsmen in Italy have created both this amazing set of Templar Crusader Knights, and a simply stunning carved resin chessboard with amazing border detailing.

We have paired these two products together to create an atmospheric set of incredible quality. As with all our products, the uncompromising quality is presented at amazing value for money.

Materials: Resin
Number of Queens: 2
Board Size: 17.7 inches (44.96 cm)
Board Thickness: 0.5 inches (1.27 cm)

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